Google Marketing Live 2024 Updates – Learn To Reach More Customers Through Marketing

Google marketing live updates 2024

Google is continuously improving its tools for marketing so that businesses can reach out to their customers effectively. The newest changes are made through artificial intelligence (AI) which helps to augment the creation, placement and optimization of advertisements. Here is a brief overview of Google’s  AI updates and ways businesses can benefit from them.

1. Applying AI in Performance Max Campaigns- AI in Advertising

Performance Max campaigns enable businesses to display ads across all the Google realms such as YouTube, Search, and Maps and among others. However, AI has been added to Google Ads to specially enhance such ads.

What’s New:

Smart Ad Creation: AI makes different versions of ads that can best fit the interests of different people.

Personal Touch: The advertisements are targeted according to the type of content that users are interested in, thus, Ads have higher chances of being clicked.

Saves Time: AI automates most of the ad creation process and keeps the advertisers/marketers busy with just a few things, mainly inputting data, customising and setting up their ads.

How It Helps:

Better Ad Placement: AI determines where to display your ads to ensure that more people see them.

More Clicks: It has been observed that while ad targeting is more effective at reaching an audience, personalization is more effective at engaging them and getting their attention.

2. New Image Editing Capabilities

The new image editing features of Google, which include the ability to add objects, extend backgrounds and get cropped images in any format, size or orientation enables the retailers to present products from their Google Merchant Center feeds.

What’s New:

Edit Images Directly: Google’s ad platform has amplified its user-friendly tools by integrating brightness, contrast, and cropping options directly into the platform.

AI Enhancements: Available Online for free and easily enhance image resolution and delete background.

How It Helps:

Better Looking Ads: It emerges that high-quality images will attract more attention to compel interest.

Easy to Use: There is no need for the use of other software; everything can be done within the comfort of one software.

3. Virtual Try-On and 3D Ads for Marketing

Google has recently introduced virtual try-on and 3D ad services to enhance the experiences during online shopping.

What’s New:

Try Before You Buy: Customers get to see what particular products would look like on them without physically trying them on.

3D Views: A user can interact with a product through the media ad as they display a three-dimensional image.

How It Helps:

Interactive Ads: It helps to maintain patient or client interest in a concept or idea.

Boosts Sales: This is because people are likely to purchase products that they have seen in use by other people.

4. AI Overviews in Search

Google has launched AI Overviews in Search for everyone in the United States and plans to include more countries in the future. These overviews will appear when they are useful to the search and give additional information.


Better Search Results

More Website Variety: Encourages users to discover more websites for questions that are more complicated to answer.

More Clicks: This shows that Links in AI Overviews are more likely to be clicked as compared to other regular search results.

Happier Users:

More Search Use: Users who spend time on the AI Overviews tend to use Search more often and are satisfied with outcomes.

Quality Clicks: Specifically, members who click these links are more likely to spend time on the visited Website.

Support for Website Owners:

Valuable Traffic: Google intends to share friendly traffic with the owners/creators of websites as they enhance the Search platform.

5. Google Data Manager

Google Ads Data Manager has been launched to users recently. It assists the advertisers to integrate other data sources which an advertiser may possess in a single location that makes it convenient and quick to use as well as analyse such data. This process that normally would have taken weeks and, at most, months is accomplished in minutes. In AI advertising, it is important for marketers to leverage first-party data to get the most out of the technology. The AI agenda of Google is to enhance rather than supplant human ingenuity and experience; and, the firm adapts its offerings through customers’ feedback and AI policies.

6.Effective Reporting Tools

These tools aim to support ad inventory and improve outcomes for users. Here’s how they help:

Detailed Metrics:

In-Depth Analysis: Offers great insights on how ads are doing, you will know at a glance how well each of the ads is faring.

Custom Reports:

Focus on Key Data: Enables you to develop reports that encompass only the critical information for your company, hence enabling you to make the right decisions.

Future Predictions:

AI-Powered Insights: A key feature of is that it uses artificial intelligence to predict future trends and to assist you in how you can organise your subsequent campaigns for maximum effectiveness.


The Applying of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing by Google is making the business easier for marketers. These tools assist businesses in designing captivating ads, and even measuring performance, so that they can attract more customers and hence, increase their sales. This is true for both small business people and big companies because Google’s innovations enable them to get the best out of your marketing.


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