5 Steps to PPC Success in the Age of Google’s AI Overviews

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As Google expands AI Overviews in search results, advertisers need to adapt to stay ahead. These AI-powered summaries might answer user queries directly, potentially reducing website clicks. But fear not! Here’s how to thrive in this evolving landscape:

Broaden Your Keyword Net:

Embrace “broad match” keywords to reach potential customers based on their search intent. This might seem risky, but Google’s algorithms are getting smarter at matching these broader terms with relevant searches.

Value Over Traffic:

Focus on “value-based bidding” strategies. Don’t panic if initial clicks drop – AI Overviews might bring more qualified users who convert better.

Measure Like a Pro:

Don’t rely on a single metric. Use a combination of data sources like in-platform tests and cross-channel measurement to understand campaign effectiveness.

Embrace Automation:

Utilize “Performance Max” and “Demand Gen” campaigns. These leverage automation and powerful algorithms to find customers across the web, not just on Google Search.

Fight for Transparency:

Advocate for clearer reporting within Performance Max and Demand Gen. This helps you understand where your ads appear and optimize performance. As AI Overviews evolve, ensure Google provides insights into query reports and ad placements.

The future of PPC advertising is AI-driven, and it’s an exciting time! By embracing these strategies, you can ensure your campaigns thrive in this new era. Don’t wait –  jump on board and stay ahead of the curve!

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