Golden Rules for Choosing a Domain Name!

Domain Names Selection

Your domain name speaks for your brand and stands as a main reason for attracting traffic to your site. Choosing a proper domain name is not that hard if you follow these basic factors that decide the success of your domain name.
How to Choose a Domain Name? Read on.
1. Brandability
Your domain name should be brandable and catchy at the very first sight. Suppose you choose a name with hyphens and symbols, it does not work well. Also, choose a name which has no generic keyword but is unique and self advertising.
2. Pronounceability
Mind remembers words it can pronounce and associate with things easily so that it will not forget at once. This is called processing fluency of the mind which is what is required for your domain name. People should be able to say out the name without struggle so that they will remember it well and click on it when they need something related to it.
3. Short names
Short names are advantageous as when you type them, you get them fully on social network platforms; the URL is not cut off and thus your name stands as it is without being compressed.
4. Using .com
.com is the way to make you familiar with   the people who are not tech savvy and need some common terms to understand domain names. What you need is good ROI and conversions and if these things come by using certain old fashioned ones like .com, nothing wrong.
5. Avoiding names that are similar to yet other companies or trademarks
You should not infringe upon the names that are already in existence or are the trademarks of some existing sites. Seek solicitations from your lawyer in such cases so that you will not enter troubled waters.
6. Intuitive domain names
Your domain name should induce conjecture in the user mind as to what it refers to and what could be the possible product or service your domain offers. On reading the name, the user should be able to guess what it talks about and whether it will suit his requirement.
7. Keyword inclusion is not a must
Keyword mention in the name is good but it should not be over emphasized as it may cause negative associations in the minds of the readers.
8. Modifying domain name
Suppose you are not able to get your domain name as per your wish, you can modify it.
So, you are ready with how to select website name. Keep going!

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