Google’s First Core Algorithm Update of 2020 is Rolling Out


Google recently announced on its Twitter handle that a new January 2020 core update is rolling out. They regularly refine their systems and subsystems that work to determine the user’s intent and offer appropriate result pages. This broad core update does not target something specific which the webmasters can improve upon like the “Speed Update”. It will have a significant impact on all search results on a global scale.

To explain how Google Algorithm (Core) update work, the following analogy can be given:

You can imagine that you made a list of the top 100 movies in 2014. After a few years in 2019, you refresh that list. It is sure to change. Some new movies which never existed before may be included in this list. You may also need to reassess some films and comprehend that some of the movies deserve a higher position on the list. The list changes accordingly and films that were previously on the higher rank move down. They are not bad but simply more deserving films will come before them. With this in mind, there will be nothing wrong with the web pages that drop in their rankings following a core algorithm update. They are only reassessed against their contents which have been published since their last update, or the contents that have been previously overlooked.

Significance of January 2020 Core Update

Every time Google is updating its search algorithms, it may indicate that your website can do better or worse in the search results. Having a precise idea of when Google Algorithm update happens makes can enable you to understand whether there was something that you might have changed on your site or Google changed its core ranking algorithm. Since Google released its January 2020 core ranking update, you must keep track of your website rankings and analytics. Some widely noticeable effects can be expected that may include gains or drops in search rankings, therefore, paying attention to your website rankings in the coming days and weeks is essential.

What are the measures to recover if a core update hits your website?

Unlike the updates which targeted specific things, this core update can tweak the values of everything. Your website will be weighed against the competing websites relevant to the queries made by the users. The reason your website’s ranking dropped could be entirely different in comparison to the reason your competitor’s site increased or decreased in rankings. To make it simple, Google has not clarified the exact reasons or measures of recovery from core update hits because there is a different answer for all websites and queries.

What is the best SEO advice for conquering core updates?

To conquer the core Google Algorithm updates, the best advice would be to keep focusing on:

  • Quality content
  • User intent
  • Clean architecture
  • Google’s guidelines

Last but not least, always keep improving your website even if you have reached the first position in the search results because your competitor on rank 2 is not going to stop.

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