Challenges You Face While Launching Your Startup’s Website!

Without a website, your startup business doesn’t look wholesome. Though technology has empowered anyone to build a website, you need to cross certain hurdles therein.
Challenges you face in building a website
1. Finding the minimum number of features for your site
In your ambition to build a site that stands for all your future plans and vision is a great thing. But it will end in a cumbersome process like adding too many new features with functionalities, adding new content to old pages and so on. You need to find the minimum viable product that brings effective results to your startup at the initial stage.
2. Website’s design and lay out
This is an important aspect in website for startup companies. If your website design and layout are impressive, users will have very best first impressions about the site and take action. A professional web designer can advice you in this matter for excellent results.
3. On-site pages
You need to be informative, creative and unique in writing on- site copy. Even if you follow traditional methods like ‘Contact’ and ‘About Us’ pages, you should be able to give informative, impressive and compelling content that reflects your identity and brand value .
4. SEO
Search Engine Optimization is a necessary strategy to showcase your visibility, online brand equity and the ability to be found online.  SEO is necessary to improve content marketing at on- site and off- site levels. Check whether your website is ok from SEO perspective.
5. CTA
Calls to Action  increase conversions and they can be in any form like short word based call outs at the end of blogs, buttons for purchasing individual items or form to fill out as found in contact page. Make sure your calls to actions are visible, copious and have definite offers.
6. Choosing the web hosting provider
This may not look like a major decision at the outset but when you go in for choosing a hosting provider, you need to be prudent as it may affect the functionality of your site as well as the cost. And also, a good hosting provider will support you in troublesome times.
7. Initial momentum
After launching the website, you need to take care to attract the traffic to your site. It means you have to indulge in content marketing, advertising strategies to initiate traffic to your site.
Now, you know how to launch a website for your startup; but you need to overcome the above mentioned hurdles to head into success in your venture.
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