Title Tag Optimization

The Tile tag (HTML) is used to define text in the top line of a Web browser, also used by many search engines as the title of search listings and it is one of the optimizing factors used in on page search engine optimization.

A title tag belongs in the section of a web page, beyond the section. It should be above the META tags and it defines brief note about web page which appears at the top of the web browser when viewing the particular web page. 

Writing effective title tags is an important part of optimizing a site to rank well with the search engines and brings more traffic from search engines. A well-crafted title tag can stand on its own without the benefit of the accompanying page content, as this is how it appears to Web searchers who know nothing about your site. 

Include at least one or two targeted keyword or phrase, instead of using all generic words that do not distinguish your page. If possible, keywords should be used early in the title to help search engines and visitors identify the main subject of the page, and also to avoid getting cut off by search engines that use relatively short titles. 

Note: Search engines have certain limit that is title tag should be between 50 to 70 characters.

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