Know These Latest SEO Trends for Better Marketing Strategies!

Trends in SEO are fast changing in these recent months. Without updating the changes in SEO field, you will not be able to target your audience for guaranteed results. Know the recent trends in SEO and be a king in your industry. Here are top changing trends in SEO.

Information given by Google

Google announcements are very important to note since they signal the SEO Trends that are latest and up to date. Following announcements by Google in the recent months are worth noticing

1. Top three ranking signals in the search algorithm of Google are content, RankBrain and links (as informed by Andrey Lipattsev of Google)

2. Updated quality rater guidelines from Google give weight to expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness as quality markers of content. Google stresses on mobile optimization also.

So, Google is trying to understand the content better and produce more transparent search results nowadays. A top SEO Company Bangalore can apprise you more of these factors.

SERP scenario

a) After the removal of right rail paid ads, SERP got streamlined and now there is room for additional types of paid or organic type of content. Let us see what changes SEO field has come through this scenario

1. Clicks through rates (CTRS) have gone up

2. CPC (cost per click) remains static

3. Traffic to sites remains steady with even some modest wins

4. Ad impressions have declined

5. Those advertisers who were in the bottom line 8-11 are the losers

b) Expansion of AMP to apps and recipe pages

AMP has reached 125 million docs now and will be visible on android and iOS apps and expands to recipe web pages.

Continuously changing algorithms

After rich snippets, Rich Cards are the new search result. They are made as a carousel on mobile results helping users browse from left to right on mobiles. Carousels have cards from the same site or from many sites. Rich Cards use structured mark up to show content in an engaging and visual format. Google intends to show these cards for movies and recipes in the initial stage.

A good SEO Company Bangalore will be in know of these changing SEO Trends and update its customers about the benefits and losses they draw out of these trends. It also accommodates its strategies to suit the purposes of the customers and bring better results for them with knowledge of these latest trends.
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